Custom Art Process and Pricing

All custom artwork is assembled by hand from the wood framing to the stretched canvas fabric.

Each piece comes unframed, varnished and signed. A resin high gloss finish is optional for an additional $25 fee.

This is a flat rate service so there is no additional tax or shipping cost. It is already factored into the price.

Turnaround time is between 2-3 weeks. Shipping time is dependent on the shipping company. Usually takes no longer than 5-10 days. Delivery is free if you are local to the Houston area.

Should you decide to proceed with a commissioned piece of art, in order to begin the process the first step would be to walk through the colors, design elements and sizing together. Once we have come to a decision on what you would like a contract will be drafted up including all of the information discussed. It will be sent via email for review.

Should the contract be deemed acceptable, you would electronically sign and send back to The Aes House.

From this point a 50% non refundable materials fee is due. Once the fee has been received your project will begin.

Upon completion, an email will come to you with photos of your work for approval.

If all is approved, the final 50% payment will be due.

Once the payment has been received, your art will be packaged and shipped direct to your address.

Please note that artwork can be created in any size upon request. Below are the most common options. If there is a size that you would like not listed below feel free to inform us and we will get you the pricing information.

Size/Price Information:


11"x14" - $115

14"x18" - $140

12"x24" - $150

16"x20" - $165

16"x24" - $185

20"x20" - $190

18"x24" - $200

12"x36" - $215

24"x24" - $225

20"x30" - $270

22"x28" - $290

24"x30" - $325

24"x36" - $360

30"x30" - $410

25"x40" - $445

24"x48" - $485

30"x40" - $520

30"x48" - $555

36"x48" - $630